Aluminum Chlorohydrate VS Poly Aluminium Chloride

2020-12-31 10:45:10 jianweichen

ACH is the most concentrated material of the PAC family,it offers the maximum alumina and basicity available in a stable solution form.

You know,the ACH has two grades: water treatment grade and daily-chem grade (cosmetic grade);has two forms: powder (solid) 

and liquid (solution).

The water treatment grade ACH used as flocculant in drinking water of Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and waste water of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

: As it has the highest polynuclear content and highest level of neutralization,A high quality coagulant typically used in both municipal

and industrial water treatment applications to remove suspended solids and organic matter.

ACH performs at overall lower dosages compared to other metal salt coagulants due to the high AL2O3 content and basicity.

ACH effectively coagulates over a broader PH spectrum as compared to traditional metal salt solutions and PACs.

ACH typically has a negligible effect on the PH of treated water due to the high degree of acid neutralization.

Improved color and turbidity removal.

The Daily-chem grade ACH excellent & most widely used as antiperspirant (reduces secretion of sweat) & deodorant 

(reduces bad odor by inhibiting bacterial growth)? in cosmetic manufacturing.