ACH technology and production equipment

2020-12-31 10:44:22 ACH

ACH technology and production equipment

You know,the ACH has two grades: water treatment grade and daily-chem grade (cosmetic grade);has two forms: powder (solid) 

and liquid (solution).

The Daily-chem grade ACH excellent and most widely used as antiperspirant (reduces secretion of sweat) and deodorant 

(reduces bad odor by inhibiting bacterial growth) ? in cosmetic manufacturing;The water treatment grade ? ACH used as 

flocculant in drinking water of Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and waste water of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)?

The set of machine includes ACH purity machine and spray tower.

According to the production quantity to confirm:


We can sell the technology and production equipment of ACH if you need.

Our ACH has two unique technology advantages: 

The powder Aluminum Chlorohydrate (ACH) :

1.particle size : 325 meshes (90% pass ) if need,normally 200 meshes(90% pass) ; but the best others 200 meshes (70% pass)

2.the iron content : Fe<75PPM if need,normally Fe<135ppm but="" the="" best="" others="" fe="">150PPM

The 50% liquid Aluminum Chlorohydrate (ACH) :

1.the iron content : Fe<50PPM if need , normally Fe<75ppm

2.the arsenic content : As<1ppm if need,normally As<2ppm

above are very important to Cosmetic manufacturing.