Transglutaminase also commonly known as 'meat glue'.

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  • Molecular Formula: C27H44O3H2O
  • CAS: 80146-85-6
  • HS: 3507909000

                                  Transglutaminase (TG)

TG-B Ingredients: Transglutaminase 1%, Maltodextrin 99%

TG-B+ Ingredients: Phosphate, Starch, Transglutaminase, Maltodextrin

TG-Y Ingredients: Transglutaminase, Water

TG-CK06 Ingredients: Gelatin, Sodium carbonate, Salt, Maltodextrin, Transglutaminase

Transglutaminase(TG) is a natural enzyme that can catalyze the formation of covalent bonds between the amino acid residues Lysine and Glutamine in proteins, has the ability to glue protein-containing foods together. When raw meats are bound with TG, they typically have the strength and appearance of whole uncut muscles.

Primary uses of transglutaminase include

Making uniform portions that cook evenly, look good, and reduce waste.

Binding meat mixtures like sausages without casings.

Making meat combinations like bacon and scallops.

Producing special effects like meat noodles, meat and vegetable pastas, etc.

Additionally, TG can thicken egg yolks, strengthen dough mixtures, thicken dairy systems, and increase yield in tofu production, among other applications.


Transglutaminase is a naturally occurring enzyme in plants, animals, and bacteria. Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts in chemical reactions; they speed up these reactions and in some cases cause reactions to occur.

TG bonds protein molecules together with a (very strong) covalent bond by linking the amino acids glutamine and lysine.


Transglutaminase is safe. It will not harm you or glue your hands together. TG is deactivated by most cooking techniques and imparts no off-flavors to foods. TG is classified by the FDA as a GRAS product (generally recognized as safe) when used properly.


TG used in red meat     TG used in chicken    TG used in fresh cheese      TG used in cheese

TG used in surimi products    TG used in fish meet    TG used in chiba tofu    TG used in yogurt

TG-FN08 can be used as food binder for Doner Kebab Meat - beef or lamb(Raw).

Transglutaminase is an enzyme used as a food additive to improve the texture and binding properties of processed foods.

Commonly known as 'meat glue', it can bind proteins together, enhancing the texture and appearance.